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Bulk Construction Weighing Equipment

Dependable, weighing systems for material transfer stations, material processing facilities, and construction or quarry sites. Because your safety and accuracy are important to us.

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Michigan’s Leader in Heavy Duty Scales for Material Processing Centers

If you’re processing large amounts of heavy materials, you not only need a weighing system tough enough to withstand massive weights, it also needs to ensure the safety of your workers, especially if you are moving heavy materials overhead. For over 25 years, NuWeigh has been providing the robust, tough as nails weighing solutions bulk construction enterprises material processing centers need to stay profitable, reduce shrinkage, and weigh accurately on the go. 

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NTEP Certified Truck Scales for Construction Material Transfer Stations

If you’re buying or selling bulk construction materials by the truck load or rail car, you need a permanent weighing system you can rely on truck after truck, rail car after rail car. Our durable truck scales are certified from 70,000 pounds up to 140,000 pounds CLC (concentrated load capacity) depending on the model, and deliver the strength your bulk construction business needs. If you need reliable, portable measuring on the job site, we have a choice selection of portable truck axle scales to checkweigh for overloaded or under-loaded axles. Our truck weighing scales provide safety and accountability with unbeatable accuracy.

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Bulk Construction Installation and Repair Services in Michigan - 1_US_BeltScaleApp_CMYK

Bulk Construction Installation and Repair Services in Michigan - 1_US_1280_Universal_RightFace_TruckIn_Out

Bulk Weighing Systems for Construction or Quarry Sites

NuWeigh offers permanent, heavy duty bulk weighing systems for stone, sand, concrete, gravel and other bulk materials. From rail scales and truck scales for bulk weighing before and after transport, to belt scales for accurate and consistent weight output during mining, bulk material blending, and truck, barge, or rail load-out, we offer complete bulk weighing solutions you can rely on. If you’re looking for a complete, concrete batching control system, look no further than our CB-3. With a basic PC, the batch controller can save time and increase efficiencies by centralizing weighing, monitoring, reporting, and ticketing in one easy to learn system.

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Featured Bulk Construction Scales from NuWeigh