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Cannabis Weighing Equipment

Our Legal for Trade balances, scales, and indicators are ideal for every phase operation, from cultivation and processing, to pharmaceutical labs and dispensaries. Our cannabis scales meet regulations and best practices for professional markets in the cannabis industry.

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Michigan’s Leader in Precision Scales for Marijuana Dispensary

Our NTEP and Legal for Sale dispensary scales for selling marijuana are easy to operate, very accurate, and help you avoid costly errors at the counter. The profitability and security of your business depends on the accuracy of your distribution, inventory, and daily reconciliation. NuWeigh provides the best digital cannabis scales in the industry. 

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NTEP Processing Scales and Balances for Cannabis Products 

NuWeigh’s complete line of bench scales and checkweighing solutions help create efficiencies in product throughput for any type of cannabis processing environment, including sanitary handling and consumer-ready retail packaging. While our laboratory balances can weigh derivatives precisely to 0.001 gram, our industrial-strength scales can be custom ordered to fit your space and are solidly built, holding up to extreme cleaning procedures. 

Let us design a customizable weighing system for your processing center.

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Marijuana Cultivation and Harvesting Scales

Your growing center relies on accurate weights and measures to maintain an accurate inventory and promote profitability. Our floor scales, forklift scales, and hand pallet jacks are ideal for accurately documenting your handling weights in the field or growing facility, at the packaging plant, or anywhere you need to document weight for cannabis logistics.

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Featured Cannabis Scales from NuWeigh


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  • CAS LP1000


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  • Cast Iron Test Weights
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