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Manufacturing Scales and Weighing System

Even in the most challenging applications, NuWeigh can provide weighing solutions to help speed up your manufacturing process.

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Durable, High-Performance Scales for Manufacturing

From counting scales, bench scales, and checkweighers to forklift scale attachments and floor scales, NuWeigh offers high-tech weighing and dimensioning systems that optimize just about every aspect of the manufacturing process. 

Let us help create weighing efficiencies in your warehouse.

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Counting Scales

Counting scale make look like other weighing scales, but the counting scales at NuWeigh come with the additional features of division and multiplication based on the internal resolution. With a built in configurable indicator and a hand scanner, it counts any part from tiny resistors to heavy engine parts quickly, easily, and accurately.

Improve your inventory tracking now.

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Bench Scales, Forklift Scales, and Floor Scales

NuWeigh provides manufacturing facilities all the options needed to weigh and manage inventory of all sizes quickly, easily, and in-motion. Durable enough to meet even the most hazardous manufacturing environments, NuWeigh’s long-life bench scales, forklift scales, and floor scales are constructed for repeated use and incredible performance.  

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Software Systems

No manufacturing line would be complete without the latest technology and software systems to make inventory management a breeze. Most of our high-performance scales can be combined with a software system to record and processes inventory weights, shipping and receiving weights as well as documenting inventory counts automatically. 

Let us take your manufacturing to the next level.  

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Featured Manufacturing Scales from NuWeigh