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Pharmaceutical Scales and Instrumentation

In pharmaceutical settings, where precision is critical to patient care, you need reliable balances, test weights, and bench scales to ensure your product is exactly what you say it is.

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Precision Balances

NuWeigh’s line of precision laboratory balances provide the accuracy you need with the easy clean surface you want. Our scales are quick, responsive and easy to use, making weighing your pills, liquids, plants, and powders in grams and milligrams very efficient.

Give your team the very best in pharmaceutical scales.

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Test Weights and Calibration Services

Keeping your lab balances is essential to the success of your team. Our precision test kits, cast iron test weights, and metrology service provide you with the tools you need to maintain the accuracy of your balances. Of course, for precision calibration, call NuWeigh. Our techs are certified in calibration and experienced in the regular maintenance of high performance scales and balance.

Keep your scales and balances properly calibrated. 

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Bench and Floor Scales

Reliable and repeatable measurement in hostile and sanitary lab conditions is what makes choosing the best scale for pharmaceutical labs critical to your lab’s success. NuWeigh bench and floor scales not only hold up to the rigors of all day measurement, they withstand spills, scrapes, and washdown processes your chemical, pharmaceutical, and medical processing applications require.

Help ensure your scales meet quality and safety standards.   

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  • Precision test kits
  • Cast Iron Test Weights
  • Metrology Service


  • A&D FX-i